How to measure off the shelf Tall Boots

Below we have come up with an easy to follow guide on how to measure for tall boots. 

1. We suggest that you get a friend to help with your measurements. It will provide a more accurate way of measuring.We suggest wearing your normal riding attire, Breeches and Socks. Do not wear shoes.

2. Sit at a height where your legs are at a 90 degree angle, and your feet are flat on the floor.

3. Get your helper to measure the widest point of your calf. We suggest that you take a few measurements to find the widest point of the calf. You want the tape measure to be firm, but not tight. Make sure you record measurements for each leg.

4. Next, stand up with feet facing forward, flat on the ground. Then bend the leg you are measuring. Measure from the crease of the knee, to the ground at the back of the heel. This will give an accurate height.


If you are a dressage rider or ride with long stirrups, you can add up to 2cm extra height to allow for drop. We advise contacting us beforehand to make sure of the correct measurements. For the breaking in process, we suggest wearing heel risers in the boots if they are a touch tall or if you add extra height. Heel risers will add extra height, and the boots will be perfect once broken in at the ankle. If you are jumping rider, or ride with shorter stirrups, we suggest that your height will be accurate with bending the leg and measuring. We have measured some people who ride in super short stirrups, we suggest if that is you, contact us for advise as this might be a different fit.

This is a guide to measure off the shelf boots. In Made To Measure Kingsley Boots, these are only 2 measurements out of many. Please contact us beforehand for measuring information on made to measure Kingsley boots. Most boots are in European sizing, we suggest you check a conversion chart to find your correct size. 

Please note that this is a guide only, we do not take responsibility incorrectly measured boots.

Below are some handy links for Kingsley. For any information on boots we sell, please contact us.

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