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Kingsley Footwear

Kingsley FAQ


  • Aspen: $570.00
  • Aspen Special: $640.00
  • Montreal: $789.00
  • Olbia 01/02: Starting at $835.00
  • Olbia 03: Starting at $999.00
  • London 01: Starting at $950.00
  • London 02: Starting at $999.00
  • Orlando 01/02: Starting at $1110.00
  • Capri: Starting at $1200.00


What is the minimum to order?

Urban Horsewear requires only a 30% deposit to order your boots. The remaining balance is to be paid by arrival.


What is the turn around?

Kingsley Boots have a 6-8 week turn around. Boots can be made in 4 weeks + 1 week est freight for an extra cost. Please contact us before purchasing for the current wait time. 


I need made to measure?

Kingsley offer 100s of options in off the shelf sizing. If you do not fit off the shelf sizing, Kingsley offers a full made to measure service. This is $300.00. For calf sizes over 45cm, there is an extra fee on top of the made to measure. This price is on top of the base boot price. Made to measure is only available on models, Montreal, Olbia, London, Orlando and Capri. We do suggest for a more expensive boot, to order made to measure. This means that all measurements, not just height and calf, are to your leg. We want you to be 100% happy with your boots. The Orlando model can be tightened and let out a few cm, which will suit more calf sizes.


How do I measure my legs? 

We have an easy to follow guide here. If you are unsure, please contact us for more information.


 How do I order?

Contact the team at Urban Horsewear with calf, knee and height measurements. We can provide you with all relevant information.


Where can I see all the Boot models?

Click this link to be taken to a PDF with all the Kingsley models. For more information, check out the Kingsley website.


Can I get matching spur straps and belt?

Yes! Belts and Spur Straps can be made in any Kingsley leather. The most popular combination for matching accessories is any pattern material used on the boot. If your boot has a Stardust Black bow, Stardust Black Belt and Spur Straps compliment perfect. Of course, the option is yours.


What leather should I choose?

This is totally personal preference. For a dressage competition boot, we suggest a Polished or Patent leather. These leathers have less give that a soft leather and will require more time to break in. For jumping/XC competition, we suggest a basic soft leather. This leather will look smart in any discipline, but will break in and soften easier than a patent or polished leather. For home boots, basic leathers are suggested as Patent and Polished are more prone to scratching. This is personal preference, as most home boots we have sold have been a polished leather.


What model should I choose?

For a dressage rider, we suggest the Capri for training and competition. The Capri comes standard with a higher bow and hard outer. The zip runs up the front inside of the leg. These boots take a longer time to break in, but will not drop and soften around the ankle so much. If you prefer a slimmer ankle, we would suggest the Olbia 03. All models but the Capri are suitable for an allround/jumping rider. All models but the Aspen models, can be made with a high bow and hard outer, making them suitable for a dressage rider who is used to hard boots. To our knowledge, Laces are not permitted in EA Dressage. We suggest the Orlando model as a training boot only. If you are looking at designing a unique boot, we suggest taking a photo of this to your organisation to see if it is competition legal. EA Dressage has very strict rules on boots. For an all-round rider, the Aspen, Montrel and Olbia are perfect choices. For straight SJ, the Montreal is a highly popular model.